Paulette Myers-Rich
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My photographs are about place- interior spaces and exterior landscapes, natural and built, real and constructed, where they intersect and what happens when they do. Because of the mutability of place, my work is also about time through observations of transformation and the ephemeral. I return to specific locations over months and sometimes years- revisiting, observing and photographing the changes within the static structure of a site. My intent is to offer a portrait of the place, with the result that certain images are evocative and somewhat mysterious despite my straightforward approach. My artistic practice comes from a deeply personal trajectory, which is slow and dwells outside the current. I’m not pursuing styles or trends, but am engaged in durational and active seeing.

I am also a writer and my approach is not as a historian or documentarian, but as a storyteller intending to get past the facts of a site towards the poetics of the place. Yet this doesn’t mean a romantic or elegiac telling as many of these sites are disturbing, abject and even menacing. Therefore I want to provide the viewer the ability to visit and return to these difficult or disappeared places and the book format permits one to linger, look and contemplate what was found there.

I work with photographs as image/object/poem sequences contained in book-forms. Craft practice and materials are a central force in my work. Without them nothing can happen. I think through making. I work, evaluate and rework until a distinct presence arrives. Materials transition into content and forms the setting for reception. When they cohere, they offer a reading that is evocative and poetic. The image/object/poem is handled, ingested through the fingers as transitions transmit. Paper is not simply substrate- it is story. The form is a revelatory device. Pages project through feel and my hands reach yours. Ink has depth to look into- sight becomes insight and the eye's sense of touch is satisfied. The book-object is a liaison- complete, autonomous and linked solely to the viewer, to be experienced intimately and encountered at will, creating communion with the viewer.


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